Our Mission

Our homes and our personal styles are an expression of who we are and what we are passionate about. each piece we decorate our homes or ourselves with is that much more special when it tells a story and contributes to a positive social mission. 

We offer a carefully curated assortment of unique products, hand crafted from all corners of the world and bring them to you.  partnering with local artisans, our mission is to tell the story and culture behind the pieces they create while empowering the amazing women behind the craft, bringing them to life in your homes. Every item we offer is one of a kind, ethically made, with quality materials and craftmanship. we give a portion of all proceeds directly back to the local artisan community. With every purchase, you are not only giving back to the artisan community, but also investing in their art and craft.  



Our story

Two Ambitious women, who met working together in fashion retail. 

they decided to create their own lane, one that fueled their passions and expertise while offering a positive impact on the world. 

The wright stories was inspired by our undeniable love to explore new places, people and cultures and an even bigger love of bringing home the stories we create and sharing them with loved ones.  


our name

The Wright Stories. 

wright    rīt/     noun.   A maker or a builder. 

We believe the stories behind how products are made, the history and art behind the talented women that create them is what differentiates a purchase from an investment. as you tell the unique stories of how each item became a part of your home, we continue to connect you with the people and cultures behind them. 

The adventurous female founders of our brand, established their mission to fly past boundaries.

inspired by the wright brothers and even more by the brave female explorers throughout history. the path we envisioned did not exist, so we created our own. 

a simple play on words focusing on the core of our brand. The Story. The Artisan. And Breaking Boundaries.