The founders


Jacquelyn london

Co-Founder | Head of Design & global relations

adventurer. purveyor of crafts. perma over-accessorized.

east coast raised.

Jacquelyn started collecting and scouring flea markets with her family as a child, sparking the creative bug which is how she discovered her love and curiosity of the hunt. You can either find her adventuring in the outdoors or in quest of the perfect hammock in every corner of the world.

after years of watching and learning how products are mass produced in corporate companies, she wanted to use her expertise to create something of her own, bringing a positive change to the world, telling stories of the people behind the crafts, connecting to the buyers.

Jacquelyn brings a BFA in styling along with a bachelors in merchandising from the fashion institute of technology in new york city. with over 10 years in product development, she has established strong relationships with vendors and has become an expert in quality, product knowledge and logistics.


christel Leyva

Co-Founder | head of creative and buying

buyer. travel freak. collector of cool sh*t.

california bred. 

An avid world traveler, her closet and home are full of special pieces she has collected from her travels. every piece tells a story of the journey, experiences and people she's come across along the way. blogger, foodie and visual storyteller, christel loves sharing the stories behind her travel adventures. 

as a fashion buyer with over 10 years experience, she thrives in curating a truly rare and special assortment. years working with large retailers selling mass produced goods, she felt today's socially conscious consumer yearned for items as unique as their own journey. her dream was to create a business that combined her merchandising expertise with her passion for traveling in a way that brought a positive social impact on the world.  

Christel holds a master's in fashion merchandising and marketing from the polimoda institute of design in florence, italy and a bachelors in economics and psychology from the university of california, davis. her keen eye for product and expertise in financial planning is brings a strong mix of art and science.