the PERU collection

Our PERU collection brings you some incredibly special antique pieces. each piece in the collection is hand woven and hand dyed with natural materials. some of these pieces are over 50 years old, once treasured family heirlooms. 


From the Sacred Valley of Peru, Dona Alicia learned the art of weaving from her grandmother. From shearing the alpaca, to sourcing local insects, stones and flowers to create natural dyes, the entire process is handmade in the traditional Peruvian way. 

The pieces she creates are not accessible to tourists, and the intricacies of her art have details only the most trained eye can appreciate. 

The native people of Dona Alicia's village do not have written history of their culture, so each blanket serves as an artistic documentation of their history, culture and world view. The weaving on each piece tells a unique story, line by line. 

jewelry session-517.jpg

Dona Alicia envisions each story before weaving. As traditional weaving is a diminishing art, these sacred stories engrained in these blankets are some of the few insights into understanding their way of life and the way they see the world, told from their perspective. 

Red and pink hues come from the cochineal insect. Green shades from the leaves local to the Sacred Valley of Peru. And the blue pigments are from indigo she grows herself. Black comes from the black alpaca. Creating a spectrum of shades using lemons to lighten darker colors. 

In the Cetchuan speaking village, the women of speak no English and must rely on middle men to purchase and sell their beautiful blankets.